Music ..... Wanna love.. Love the music Wanna express.. Express through music Wanna dance.. Dance with the music Wanna fight.. Fight with the rhythm of the music. Wanna feel.. Then feel the music. Music n music all around. Every little sound is a music. Every little noise is a music. Horn of a vehicle, Running... Continue Reading →

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Importance of 18.

A very Happy New Year to all my lovely readers. 2018 has finally began , some are excited about this year ,  some are not , for some it's all the same, and for some there  is going to be a new change.  (My this blog is all  about the importance of 18. ) 18... Continue Reading →


Words said by parents to their Son. "This world is mean my child , they will use you, they will leave you all alone, you will suffer, you will go through pain, But remember dear, never ever let yourself down,  never feel that you can't  do any thing , you be always who you are... Continue Reading →

I am Sorry

To Dear Society, I am sorry for being so fat I am sorry for my jumping tummy I am sorry for not being so stylish I am sorry for keeping my hair loss I am sorry for being straight forward I am sorry for not putting on lipstick especially red I am sorry for not... Continue Reading →


Why is that you are still roaming in my brain? Why is that I always check your profile? Why is that evey romantic scene reminds me of you ? Why I feel butterflies in my stomach whenever I see you ?  Why it feels good whenever you reply me back ?  Why is that I... Continue Reading →

I wanna call it off But I will be waiting for you. May what come in life I will be there by your side. But I wanna call it off I will help you out Whenever you will get stuck. I will pick you up Whenever you will fall. But I wanna call it off.

Let them

Let them call you a "Bitch". Let them call you a "Devil" Let them pin point and say that you are an ill-mannered person. Because they would never know what made you like this, and what you  have gone through in your Life. Keep Calm and move on. Let them  bark.

Why only she?

Why it's always a woman or girl has to sacrifice everything? Why she need to adjust always? Why does only she surrender? Why only she bares all the pain? I agree she is strong. I agree she is a multitasker. I agree she is more capable then the opposite gender. I agree each n everything... Continue Reading →

Does it really make a change?

Does anything changes When new year starts... Does really it brings any change. Does it make a poor person rich.... Does it provide a home for the homeless.. Then why do people celebrate it... Just for some party kind off thing.. Or just for some free drinks , Make new friends with benefits , Or... Continue Reading →

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